Are You Tired Of Looking Tired?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that dreadful comment/insult from a family member, co-worker, spouse, etc… the “Geez you look tired, you should get some rest”. If you’re really tired, this type of comment is to be expected, however, how would you feel if you were receiving this comment after sufficient about of rest and feeling internally fueled?

The slogan, “when you look good, you feel good” comes to mind. It’s the truth. There are a number of factors that are responsible for making you look physically tired.

Let’s tackle some of these factors so that we can better avoid these pitfalls.

Processed FoodsImage result for processed foods

Many of us already know that processed sugars and processed carbohydrates can lead to obesity. Additionally, processed foods are terrible for the skin and hair. They leave behind toxins which trigger inflammation that may lead to wrinkles. They can also weaken your immune system. It is not encouraged that you eat or drink anything with white vinegar, the words high-fructose, or oils. These are the most typical foods components that are processed.

CaffeineImage result for caffeine

The morning coffee may seem essential, but beware as it may result in wrinkles and dull skin. Additionally, caffeine destroys¬†the antioxidants which protect the skin’s hydration. Doctors recommend that you do not surpass four cups of coffee per day. It is more beneficial to substitute coffee for green tea, which has less caffeine and is packaged with antioxidants that are potent to keep your skin looking vibrant and not tired.

AllergiesImage result for allergies

If you are having symptoms it is best to cure your allergies. Use an antihistamine frequently. Those allergies can cause issues whenever they become inflamed. When the allergies become inflamed they could create circles, especially around the eye area giving you that tired look. How can dark circles appear from allergies?

The answer is quite simple. The blood circulation in the region brings pigment cells which cause discoloration and settles there.

Sleeping On Your StomachImage result for sleeping on stomach

It is best to sleep on your back with the back of your head on the pillow. This will aid in draining the fluid emitted from your body as our body extracts fluid out of the bloodstream. As time passes, that may stream around your eyes, extending the skin which stretches it out. You’ll eventually end up with bags or puffiness under your eyes, which will make you appear old and tired. However, as long as you follow my recommendation in applying Revitol Eye Cream daily, you will feel as good as you look.