Do YOU Really Need Eye Cream?

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

To best determine whether you need or should use eye cream, one should take a look in the mirror. Whether your primary issue is dark circles, crow’s feet, puffiness, or eye bags, there is an opportunity for the condition to be considerably reduced or eradicated.  Some would debate that there is no such eye cream that exists that has proven to completely remove darkness. The darkness under the eye is usually attributed to food allergies, low thyroid or even both. But have no fear. Regardless of what side of the debate you are on relative to the ‘darkness’, I will point you in the direction of the light to a results-driven cream. But first, what conclusion should you come to before taking the next step in conquering your objectives?

Think About Using Eye Cream If…

  1. You can not stand retinoids around your eyes. Naturally, the retinoid family is the premier standard in anti-aging remedies, but the majority of us have difficulty tolerating them around the sensitive eye area.
  2. You are allergic. Even in the event that you’ve got normal skin everywhere else on your body, you might be more vulnerable to irritation around your eyes, in which the skin is thinner.

The ingredients used in most eye creams vary a great deal from ingredients comprised in moisturizers. The texture may be milder, and irritants like scents are omitted.

Beware of Infomercial Marketing Ploys & Third Party Distributors

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Admittedly, it is tough to know who to believe while some assert themselves as specialist or marketing ploy “experts”. When a few experts are adamant that you just need one, that may be a sign of a red flag. Eye creams take a consistent application for improvement to reflect in the skin.

Who’s Perfect? Is Eye Cream Truly Needed?

Eye creams are contentious. Your skin is dry around the eyes but fatty everywhere else. Go figure. Eye creams can be beneficial should you truly only require a moisturizer for this reason to be applied exclusively to your eyes; not your whole face. If you wish to take care of certain issues such as rectifying puffiness or delicate lines, then a professional eye cream such as Revitol Eye Cream will give far better results than a moisturizer that’s simply meant for hydration.

If your current eye cream/moisturizer product functions appropriately, you do not need to use another eye cream. I don’t recommend using multiple eye creams, anti-aging, moisturizers, lotions and applying them all. It’s okay to do an eye cream and an anti-aging cream but too many different chemicals on your face can be counterproductive.