Before Using Your Eye Cream…Read This!

With so much accessible propaganda about the best Eye Cream, it’s hard not to be totally skeptical about the end result.

You’re just in luck because I have some fantastic news to share. It is important to understand the basics first.

Now that we understand exactly why our eyes can reveal early signs of aging, where do we start?

The Importance of Elastin

“As we get older, the degree of hydration and elastin in the skin start to decline naturally, causing a loss of stability, density, and also the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye region. The pace at which we age could be hastened by a range of factors like genetics, UV exposure, diet and skincare routine (or lack thereof),” cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Phillip M. Levy describes. “The root cause of the depletion in elastin and collagen is when our stem cells (the skin’s factories of elastin and collagen’s parent cells) eventually become worn out and drained.”

Fighting Back Against The Thin Layer Around the Eye

But while the vast majority of us have preventative measures in place to fight these components (daily SPF, a great deal of sleep, routine water consumption), the skin around our eyes is a lot thinner. Essentially, this area around the eye is a lot more vulnerable.

Skin-care specialist and author, Tata Harper, expresses: “The skin around your eyes is much thinner and more fragile, so exhaustion, tingling, pulling (when removing eye makeup) along with your regular expressions may play an even larger role.”

While I consider myself an expert on everything from dual cleanup, hair color, and cosmetics pilling, in regards to eye care, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Maybe it is due to the sheer number of merchandise in the marketplace now (Eye Cream, Gels, Serums, etc). There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to the skin around your eyes. These factors include your diet, sunlight exposure, and sleep. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul!

It is critical that you keep this fragile skin hydrated to prevent the skin from looking plump. I encourage you to begin employing Revitol Eye Cream. This Eye Cream is Ideal for tightening, toning and soothing “hungover” eyes while at the same time giving the skin around your eyes a perfect coat of hydration.

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Research & Take Action

One of the ways I was able to determine the appropriate Eye Cream for me, is to first research and find out what the product promised. Once the product promised a certain outcome it was up to me to see if it over promised/underperformed or it did is exactly what I needed it to do.

Always start out and search for products that actually target the region you are looking to place the most focus. Another tip is to also add an eye mask to get a hydration increase with firming and lifting properties. Personally, I prefer to apply my Revitol Eye Cream through the afternoon, and during the night coating with a Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. This lowers the appearance of fine lines and reduces puffiness, signals of exhaustion, and dark circles.